Yes, I am a Sherlockian

Last Friday it was decided for a lazy weekend. So I picked a heavy box of six Sherlock CDs from that BBC serial films. I used to say to my sister, Yudol, that Sherlock Hollywood version by Robert Downey Jr is one of the best movie of Sherlock I’ve ever seen. She laughed at me once and said that I have to see this one. Robert Downey was just copy paste his bloody wacky character from Iron Man to this genius detective, ruined the character so much. From a serious and cold one to a hilarious one. I think it was for a different perspective, and was accepted enough for a movie slash Sherlock lover like me. But I also curious to this one. I don’t have a television cable, so when I found them on a local rental movie, I was a little bit surprised, I looked at them twice, and saved the last decision that kids maybe will missed their chance to swim this weekend.

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