Yes, I am a Sherlockian

Last Friday it was decided for a lazy weekend. So I picked a heavy box of six Sherlock CDs from that BBC serial films. I used to say to my sister, Yudol, that Sherlock Hollywood version by Robert Downey Jr is one of the best movie of Sherlock I’ve ever seen. She laughed at me once and said that I have to see this one. Robert Downey was just copy paste his bloody wacky character from Iron Man to this genius detective, ruined the character so much. From a serious and cold one to a hilarious one. I think it was for a different perspective, and was accepted enough for a movie slash Sherlock lover like me. But I also curious to this one. I don’t have a television cable, so when I found them on a local rental movie, I was a little bit surprised, I looked at them twice, and saved the last decision that kids maybe will missed their chance to swim this weekend.

Well, apparently kids don’t have to loose their swimming, cause I finished them in one night! Hahaha. Six CDs means three films, and actually I even plan for next twelve CDs tomorrow, if there’s any. Hehehe, let’s talk about craziness here.

First is the actors. They are Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. First Ben. He is perfect. He has high cheek and it makes him looks like an intelligent snob. His eyes sometimes change its colors, depend on his wearing. Hahaha, I know, but believe me it is one of thousand things women always observe from a man. Next, his hair is a little bit different from the original version. It’s black and curly, way too cute than a boring Blondie that always covered by some kind of tweed hat. He is tall and skinny, but strong enough to fight with a man with sword. Perfectly suite as the original version. His character on this BBC serial is also not far away from the original. Cold, arrogant, intelligent sense of humor, he doesn’t just see but always observes things around, and he believes on data, data, and data. His wife is his work, and he creates the job himself as a detective consultant! Hahaha. Yup, he is the only man that suite for the job apparently. Every time he thinks hard on a case, he doesn’t want anything interrupt his mind, noise, anyone’s talking, even anyone’s thinking. Although he’s a genius, he can’t do anything without data, and he sometimes help himself thinking in some way. Since smoking is rather difficult nowadays in London, so he choose some kind of nicotine koyo? Jeez.

Now Martin. I think I ever knew this name, but I just can’t help thinking where. But he’s definitely perfect also as John Watson. Watson was a military doctor, he got a shot on his leg in Afghanistan, and so he came back to London. Martin is a Blondie and quite short. I think Ben and Martin are just like in a Peanut cartoon, where these two kids, black curly hair and blondie one, are best friend. This Watson character is also close to the original one. Regular person, but somehow accept any weirdnesses of Sherlock. They are just clicked each other without any speaking. He has a blog too, to write his adventures with Holmes, change the old way.

So the first story is of course Study in Scarlet, that has changed to be more modern as Study in Pink. Owh, please. There were four murders that the victims had swallowed poison pills. Those were believed as suicides until the last victim, a woman in pink, left a suicide note. Aah, the note really made Holmes happy and danced. Cause it was an evidence that these were serial murders, not suicides.

At the same time, this was the first time Holmes met Watson, whose brought by his friend, Mike Stampford, cause the same remarkable question asked to Mike by these remarkable persons : “Is there anyone who wants to share a flat with me?” So no wonder Mike thought that these two persons must be clicked. With his excellent ability to observe things, of course Holmes was straight to decide that Watson is capable to be his roommate. Watson himself was a little bit confused why this stranger just straight to the decision. Here Holmes explained about science of deduction, science that he use to observe every people he first meet. Later more I’ll discuss this valuable theme, but not now. So Holmes at first time straight asked to Watson: Afghanistan or Iraq? He knew that Watson was in military, a doctor, has a brother that is a drunker, and has depression on his limb leg, and even knew he has a psychiatrist.

So first day Watson came at this expensive flat in the centre of London, he was straight asked by Holmes to accompany him at crime scene, the lady in pink case, not just because he’s a doctor but Holmes also doesn’t get along with Lestrade’s people, the police commissioner.

The suicide note was written as ‘Rache’, that in Germany it means revenge. Ordinaries like us maybe refer this note that the lady is a Germany and she’s got revenge by her enemy. But no, it was too absurd by Holmes, he believed just in a second that she was not Germany, apparently from Cardiff, 2-3 hours from London, and the note must be meant ‘Rachel’. He knew it from the suit she was wearing, wet in some part, and London hadn’t raining in a week, except Cardiff. So he told Lestrade to find anyone near the victim named Rachel, back at Cardiff. Holmes also knew that the lady should had bring a coffer, from little dirt on her bottom right leg. But there was no coffer. So while police were still finding unimportant evidence, Holmes searched the coffer by himself, around 10 meters from crime scene, at places that no one will notice.

Watson himself was confused and amazed by the way Holmes’ working, he just helped a little bit by checking the dead body and told that she was dead cause by lack of oxygen or something, I forget. And Holmes just left him there at crime scene, so Watson didn’t know what he should do beside going home.

Watson was warned by the police, that he shouldn’t anywhere near Holmes, cause look at yourself, she said, Holmes is a psychopath, he always thrills at these murders. He also warned by Holmes’ big brother, also a genius, Mycroft, who’s working for British government, but Watson didn’t know this and thought he was a mutual enemy for Holmes. Hahaha. Watson himself isn’t actually a depression man, talking about his limb leg, but he’s the same kind of species as Holmes, really love the suspense and the rest of them. So when Holmes wanted him to come home, once, twice, Watson was just quiet, but when Holmes said ‘Could be dangerous’ at the third asking, he was straight coming. Aaah, isn’t glad that everyone has finally found their soulmate?

So Holmes finally found the coffer, and it was pink of course, but he hasn’t found any hand phone though. And definitely her hand phone must be pink also. And maybe the phone is in the killer’s hand. So he sent a short message by Watson’s and had an appointment at a street, I forget the name of the street. But they didn’t succeed met with the killer, even Holmes has a photographic memory about anything, especially London’s map, when they ran chasing the killer’s taxi but found that the man in the taxi was a Californian tourist.

So they went home but laughing cause just like any boys, they were having their fun. Hahaha. At home, there was Lestrade that has found that Holmes had found and kept the coffer for himself. The police was angry. But Holmes even didn’t give a care. He just focused on a new data that ‘Rachel’ police were looking for, was the victim’s daughter that already dead 14 years ago. He thought and thought, everyone there should be quiet, why on her near death she had to write her daughter’s name, he asked everyone including Watson, but they thought it was just normal, but Holmes just didn’t get it why people don’t think like he is, thought and thought, and there!

It was a password! Yeah, of course, it makes sense. Lady in pink was definitely very clever, cause she knew she was going to death so she slipped her phone on the killer, cause her phone was addressed on the net, so when it loose it can be tracked down. And Rachel was a password she addressed her phone on the net. Aaaah, great claps for Holmes and the lady! Respect!

So Watson quickly opened the website phone tracking on his laptop. Meanwhile the police was still making noise, so was Mrs. Huntington? Henderson? or Hudson? I think it’s Hudson, Holmes’ landlord name, that kept telling Holmes that there was a taxi driver waiting for him in front of his flat.

Watson’s result was surprising, cause it told that the phone was on 221B Baker Street now, and FYI it’s Holmes’ flat address! Holmes kept thinking and he quickly realized that it was the taxi driver. Yeah, it makes sense. Who else that can be trusted by these random people so they can be easily came with by no offense? But Holmes was still wondering why those people can be easily killed without any defense. So the taxi driver told Holmes that if he wanna know, then follow him.

So again, Holmes left all people without any explanations. Holmes got in the taxi, round and round, and came at an education centre. The taxi driver used to force victims by gun, so they could follow him enter the building. But Holmes of course didn’t need any force. In a long talk, first Holmes got under pressure, the killer gave two pills, bad pill and good pill. He challenged Holmes to get one and he got one another. Just like a bad roulette. It was just a game, but Holmes as a genius, was challenged to get a good pill, suite to Holmes, otherwise he will be shot by gun. Holmes laughed and quickly changed the determination. He observed the killer why he was doing all of these madness, cause he’s also a genius, but lost all his loves cause bad marriage and he has been difficult to see his children, he was also dying, a dead man walking. So he was playing other person’s fate with his own dying life. Apparently he made it four times winning his dying life. So Holmes chose shot by a gun, instead playing a fool game. This gun was actually fake, and Holmes just laughed and walked by. But somehow this genius killer who was wasting his time to be a taxi driver, made Holmes turned back and played the game.

Meanwhile Watson back at home was curious why the site pointing to their address, so he was trying again. And when the site was pointing on the street and moving, he just knew it was Holmes and the taxi driver. So he grabbed his laptop and had to find Holmes as fast as he could. Actually he made it. He found the education centre, and he saw Holmes right at the moment Holmes wanted to swallow the pill, but in the wrong room. Holmes was in the room across Watson’s standing. It was like a twin building. So Watson as a man with quick response cause he’s ever been in military, just shot the taxi driver through the window, right on his left chest. Holmes saved by the gunshot, but when Holmes turned back and looked who’s the shooter, he saw no one. But when he saw Watson right after the police came, he just knew it. Aaah, they are just adorable!

As adorable as the story, Study in Pink, which then Watson wrote it on his blog. Just love it! Different from the next stories. They are about Hongkong mafia, Black Lotus, and serial bombings in London that made Holmes finally met his mutual enemy, actually a big fans, Jim Moriarty. A little bit boring, but Ben and Martin works very well, I just can’t stop staring at Ben, hahaha.

So next day I was impatient to rent another CDs, but apparently Season 1 definitely means just three stories! Ooowwhh…. please! No another CDs, and my sister Yudol said that at Seasion 2, Holmes got killed together with Moriarty, and everyone in the world now is waiting in exhale whether there will be Session 3. Aarrrggh! How Holmes will survive this time? How will he meet Irene Adler and who will be playing as Irene Adler? Questions. Questions. Don’t they make us feel alive, cause hardly wait for the answers?

Anyway, next time I’ll write about science of deduction Holmes has fuss about, not now, cause this is already too long, boring, crazy posting. Well, this is just a play of mind actually. See ya, you Sherlockians!


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